Rocket Surgery with Arko

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We talk about making hardware that can survive in space with Arko, a robotics engineer and polymath hacker who has published open-source projects for high altitude balloons and autonomous vehicles, and revitalized the North American demo scene with his board for LayerOne. Other topics include growing up around the space program, the Nullspace hackerspace in LA, the ethics of self-driving cars, and what the amateur radio hobby called Summits on the Air has to do with avionics for spacecraft.

This episode could be a great introduction to designing avionics for spacecraft, for getting into the demoscene, or serve as an excuse to buy a bunch more radio equipment. If you are looking for as many as three new expensive hobbies, this is the episode for you.


Arko’s Project Site –
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Arko @ UKHAS 2013 –
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NullSpace –

LayerOne Demoscene Board –
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Summits on the Air –

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